• Carol Delisi

Two Important Questions

Before precious budget dollars are spent on a workshop or e-learning course for any topic, these two questions are important to answer:

  1. Is it something the learner needs to know or something they need to do?

  2. If it's something they need to know, does the learner need to be able to recall it when they need it, or do they need to know where to find the information?

The answer to the first question will inform the design of the training to focus on either knowledge or skill. If skills are the focus then practice and focused, specific feedback will be very important.

If knowledge is the focus of the training, many unproductive hours and costs can be saved by identifying whether learners need to know where to find the information or whether they need to be able to recall the information.

If they need to know where to find the information, then we don't necessarily need to review ALL the information, we need to have them identify when they need the information and where they can find it.

If they need to recall the information, then we can design repetition activities so the learners can memorize the information and recall it when it is needed.

By answering these two questions at the beginning of training project, we can save time and budget dollars, as well as create relevant learning that keeps people engaged.

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