• Carol Delisi

Engaging your Virtual Learners

Keeping learners' attention can be a challenge when facilitating a virtual learning experience. Making good use of the technology as well as your primary connection to the learners - your voice - will help you keep learners engaged.

  • Send a personal note or IM to each learner as they sign on to welcome them.

  • Ask learners to raise their hand virtually to respond to questions or share experiences.

  • Let learners know at the beginning of the session that you might call on them to share their experiences.

  • Let learners know that that their participation is expected - not optional.

  • Use the technology icons; e.g. "If you agree change your status to green" or "If you think you might apply this in your job, change your status to a smiley face".

  • Ask questions, just as you would in a classroom; ask a clearly worded question and pause to give your learners time to respond (up to 10 seconds, if needed).

  • Use the whiteboard so learners can write thoughts/responses

Remember all your presentation skills regarding voice tone, pace and inflection. Sit up - or even stand up - so that you are fully engaged and energized. Your energy will then transfer through the phone to your participants!

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