• Carol Delisi

Benefit of being a Leader? It's in the Numbers

In my previous post, I discussed some of the benefits of being a leader to convince those who are reluctant to become leaders. There are many rewards in seeing others reach their potential, being able to see greater results with more people involved and celebrating and connecting with others.

Those of us who have an expertise that we enjoy applying - we love our hands-on work - might still not be convinced that leadership is our next step. Here's the thing. If we believe in the importance of our work, and the benefit it brings to our clients, there is only ONE way to do more of it. This is especially evident when we ponder the fact that as an individual, we only have 168 hours every week. And chances are - I hope, we're not working every minute. As an individual, there is only so much we can do, even if we do our work every minute of every week.

So how do we do more? We share that expertise. We delegate work. We lead others to do the work that we do so well. Helping others know what we know and do what we do, takes time. But then, there are more people to do the great work you do to bring benefits to more clients. It is the only way to do more.

It's pretty simple math. You train and lead a team of 10 people to do the great work you do and now there are 1,680 hours in a week - 10 times the hours that you could put in alone. You have increased the amount of great work being done and the impact it can make.

So if you really love your work, now you can do more of it. Become a leader.

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