About Me

Supporting Thousands of Employees

  • Managers

  • Individual Contributors

  • New Employees

  • Tenured Employees

  • Trainers

  • Sales People

  • Customer Service Representatives

  • Small Business Owners

Working in Dozens of Industries

  • Financial

  • Retail

  • Non-Profit

  • Furniture

  • Energy

  • Technology

  • Food

  • Human Resources

  • Education

  • Tourist

  • Local

  • Global

Helping Others in Building New Skills

  • People Management

  • Facilitation

  • Customer Service

  • Selling Skills

  • New Technologies, Products and Services,

  • Teamwork

  • Coaching

  • Career Development

  • Communication

I am motivated by seeing others learn new knowledge and skills that contribute to their success.  I am fascinated with understanding how people learn, the constantly changing learning technologies and how we are applying them in our increasingly virtual environment.  I enjoy learning about different business cultures, products and processes and working with clients to determine the best way to provide support to their employees to make them successful.


I have been helping people learn for over 20 years by creating training materials and facilitating learning experiences.

I engage people to create confidence and proficiency and help them share their experiences so they can learn from each other in addition to learning from me.  This improves retention of the learning and ultimately performance on the job.

Much of my work has focused on managers, helping them make the transition from individual contributors to supporting their teams in being successful.

I have worked as an instructional designer on multiple global training projects for topics such as leadership and management development, diversity and inclusion, unconscious bias, change management and performance management.  I have worked in a virtual capacity for all these projects with team members located all over the world, including Poland, United Kingdom and India.

I also have often served as project manager, as well as instructional designer, for many of the training development projects.

I have facilitated virtual learning experiences for employees across the globe including India, Africa, Saudi Arabia and countries in South America.

My experience with e-learning includes designing materials for employees to effectively use Workday software, using Camtasia to record screens, audio and quizzes, using Articulate Storyline and Rise to design interactive e-learning and designing storyboards and working with e-learning vendors to deliver final courses for the client.